Cinematography for High-End Brands: a Liljenquist & Beckstead Case Study

Cartier Watch

Liljenquist & Beckstead originally commissioned Eagle Wing Productions to make intro videos for different watch brands. With an eye for detail and a passion for capturing the perfect visuals, we were up for the challenge. Liljenquist & Beckstead were so impressed with the results, they asked us to take on a bigger task - creating and producing the entire YouTube series! This is no small feat, as it requires keen attention to detail and creative problem solving.

Here’s an example of our work for Liljenquist & Beckstead:

Liljenquist & Beckstead's Request

The YouTube series has been in production for several months and the project is ongoing. The process, from filming to finished product, can take anywhere from three to four weeks per episode.

The overall vision of this series is to show the incredible beauty and craftsmanship of these luxury watches and tell the story of each watch’s rich history. By focusing on close-up shots of watch faces, we highlight intricate details that bring each piece to life. Our professional lighting setup brings depth to every shot while also showcasing the graceful curves and fine details that make up each watch face.

These episodes ended up being some of our best work yet. Not only do our visuals make us stand out from other productions in our genre, but they are also incredibly unique shots and sequences that really capture the spirit of each episode. The client was thrilled with our work and trusted our creativity and experience in producing something truly remarkable.

Filming On-Site in Vienna

We filmed the series on-site at one of Liljenquist & Beckstead’s locations in Vienna, VA, and we planned the watch shots in the back room with extensive attention to detail. It’s important to capture the subtle beauty of a classic timepiece with lighting and camera angles that make the audience feel as if they are handling each piece themselves.

We take extra steps to guarantee quality assurance and safety while filming onsite, ensuring that all pieces are handled correctly and cared for properly during production. The care and dedication invested into these shoots are evident in the final product. Viewers will be mesmerized by the details of each shot.

Bringing the Vision to Life

Every episode had to be meticulously planned out, including the lighting, camera, scheduling, and other logistics. To ensure that everything is done correctly and efficiently, we allocated a full day of preparation for each episode.

We first consulted with Liljenquist & Beckstead to develop a plan for the setup process. The production team decided on camera angles and lighting configurations to create the right atmosphere. Then we needed to make sure all of these items were available on-site before beginning work. Once this was done, we set up the cameras, lights, and sound equipment in order to capture the desired product.

At Liljenquist & Beckstead, we film with a four camera setup and two operators. It takes a lot of work to make sure every angle looks great. This setup allows our video production company to capture multiple angles of the same scene at once, giving our editors more footage options to cut to. This keeps the audience engaged. With four cameras, each angle can be framed differently so that no matter which shot we choose, it will look great on screen.

We always love working in a space that gives us full creative freedom and control. The more control we have over a space the better the product will turn out. It is extraordinarily helpful to be able to have full access to lighting, take preventive measures for sound, and be able to point the camera wherever we need. Although many filming locations don't provide this level of flexibility, our company can adapt to any environment.

As with every shoot, it’s important that we solve production problems creatively. We spend a lot of time deciding on filming techniques, equipment, and methods to improve the final product. Eagle Wing aims for a high quality product that our clients will love.

Overall, we are proud of how the final product turned out. The YouTube series is available for viewing and features stellar cinematic production with detailed product knowledge from Liljenquist & Beckstead talent.

Partner with Eagle Wing Productions

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